Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What is the world coming to!

All sorts of things have happened since my last post but the thing that left us speechless at the weekend was the eviction of Aiden from X Factor. Well, I say speechless, but M was shrieking at the telly in disgust.

So here we are in sunny Manchester.
I won't bore you with the trauma that is moving three people, a cat and their possessions over 100 miles using only a small van and our own blood sweat and tears, needless to say I am glad it is all over. In between moving furniture, carrying boxes, cleaning (and yet more cleaning) and going to work I have done a bit of reading, so I will try and write something later about David Nicholls 'One Day', which was much hyped but left me a bit cold. Am currently reading 'Notes from an Exhibition' by Patrick Gale.


  1. welcome to m/c !
    we were equally disgusted/shocked about Aiden - when will wagner get the push? ah the british viewing public.....

  2. I'm the one about three inches to the left of the photograph waving with a spotted hankie.

  3. Good luck in your new home!! Well done you for moving cats, people and baggage!!!

    I'm so out of the X-factor shenanigans - whoops!!

    Oooh can't wait to see your take on One Day. It was a gift on Valentine's this year and I'm still struggling with reading it (or getting to like the characters...!!).

    Take care

  4. Well, you are here now. What I lack in helping to clean ability, I will make up for in painting, when the time comes, and in giving lifts to M. :-)
    And by the way, I am reading Cormac McCarthy. Must remember to have an actual conversation about it.

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by, it's lovely to be back online and I have lots of new 'work winges' to write about, a big office is a whole different ball game:-) We are looking forward to making the most of urban living.
    much love martine


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