Tuesday 23 November 2010

Work Perk of the Week: The Fallowfield Loop

I have been in my new office for just over three weeks now and having walked some and driven some I have finally taken the plunge and got my bike out of semi-retirement. Dunk put new lights on it and bought me a new bike lock so I am all organised. The photo above shows the way onto the Fallowfield Loop, one of the off-road cycle tracks all over Manchester, the path here coming down from Withington Road. From here is it about two miles straight along to the office, going under all the main roads and well away from the traffic (and the potholes and the traffic lights that ignore bikes), it is a pleasure to use. This lunch time the journey home took me a mere 12 minutes and 56 seconds, in spite of having a cold coming on and feeling pretty crap.


  1. Oh no - you poor thing!! I hope the fresh air and exercise will help you fight off the dreaded cold virus!!

    Take care

  2. Oh heck, Fallowfield - a name from my youth!
    Do try the argan oil - I am totally addicted...it's sort of nutty. You wouldn't want to cook with it, at least I wouldn't....

  3. Hope you recover from your cold soon! Lovely to have a nice cycle ride to and from work!

    Crafty green Poet


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