Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year revolutions

So we stayed up and played charades and toasted the new year (this is me deliberating my selection of book not playing zombie). I am not sentimental about this time of year but I like the fact that life is broken into convenient chunks to enable reflection and planning. Last year was a pretty good one as years go; in spite of the huge upheaval I inflicted on my family and we are now in a different world, life goes on.
I did not specifically make it as a New Year Resolution but I have now gone an **entire year** without buying a single piece of clothing (some underwear and one pair of shoes notwithstanding). I confess this was not much of a hardship since it is not something to which I allocate many of my scarce resources anyway, there have been few enough instances where I had to actually resist temptation, nonetheless it feels worth recording.

I have read occasionally about people having book buying bans and I have been giving this some consideration. I already use the library a lot and have found the Manchester library service to be quite efficient and so have decided to try and have a bit of a 'year of reading from home'. I have a stack of things that are waiting to be read and I will try and add anything I read about amongst the book bloggers to my library 'wish list' (this is a really handy tool, you can store them for future 'requesting' rather than make a whole list of requests that invariably turn up all at once.) I do tend to scour the charity shops for books rather than buy new so when all else fails that will be my first port of call (since the purpose of the challenge is more to save precious resources that can then go on yarn instead than to inflict reading hardship).

So Happy New Year to both regular visitors and random browsers, here's hoping this year will be uneventful ... with a special Hi to AquaMarina who I bumped into in Morrisons yesterday, so we are now neighbours as well as bloggie friends.


  1. Just discovered your blog via Aqua Marina... and you've inspired me to check out Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos!

  2. Hi Dominic
    thanks for calling in. Hope you enjoy the Kurt Vonnegut, I have a couple of others in my TBR pile
    best wishes

  3. Happy New Year, Martine. We've had our share of charades this Xmas too! I'm keeping our photos secret!

  4. Love your charade pic!!

    And good luck with your reading from home challenge! I think anything that encourages the use of libraries is A GOOD THING! :-)

    You really went a year without buying clothes?!?! Wow. Take care

  5. hi to you too Martine - Happy New Year and it was great to meet you!!


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