Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thursday and Friday

So Thursday Dunk and I rode our bikes along the Bridgewater Way to Dunham Massey, walked round the deer park and admired the trees for a while, then rode home again. Dunk has made a lovely film of our trip.
Friday I got up early to make nice stuff for our little Royal Wedding gathering. Ordinarily I am a republican but Julie was enjoying her new found britishness and wanted to join the celebration so she came round with most of her offspring and we watched the whole thing, complaining at the offspring (who were not really that interested) to shut up at the soppy moments.


  1. I've just been writing my blog as you have. I also cycled to Dunham Massey the other day. On the way we went along the canal, and back along the transpenine trail. I didn't realise how easy it would be! Glad to discover an easy and pleasant getaway from the city. Love the video, Ruth

  2. Just back from watching the film of your cycle trip!! Such a lovely day!! Where is everyone!?!?! They should all have been walking/cycling on the towpaths! LOL!!!! Great to see the boats though - I do miss them (I used to live by a marina along the river Lea).

    Thanks for sharing!! Take care

  3. I like your kitchen Martine and what a great film - thank you Dunk! - I wish I had a bike!! Have another good bank hol tomorrow! x

  4. That is one impressive tree! And I would think the sappy parts of the wedding might be lost on little ones!


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