Monday, 19 December 2011

have not felted in a long time

I haven't done any felting in months but when my dad e-mailed to say that mum needed a cover for her birthday Kindle I offered to make her one. I was surprised to discover how small they are, smaller than a book, a mere 19cm by 12. Felting something down to a precise size is no mean feat. I allowed nearly 50% shrinkage and then made a cardboard cutout to judge when it reached the right size. I hope it fits.


  1. A felted cover for a Kindle! How lovely!!! Of course this would fit - it's lovely! Take care

  2. Martine--It came out beautifully! I agree that making felted items to an exact size is a bit daunting!! I know your Mum will love it!!
    P.S. I struggled with Her Fearful Symmetry as well...but until I read your wonderful post, I thought it was just because, having identical twins of my own, I was 'too close to it', and it upset me too much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me more to consider!!
    Happy Holidays!!! XXO-


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