Monday, 23 January 2012

Another scary movie

So Creature and I popped up to Blaydon over the weekend to visit Lewis and Rachel, and Jacob and Jenny, mainly hanging out and eating Chinese food and watching Game of Thrones (not sure I have time to read the books, but Creature has loved them). Lewis arrived home from work with a new addition to the menagerie, a six foot Guyana Red Tailed Boa that had been bought in to be re-homed.
We were awoken at about 7.30am on Sunday to a loud crash and when I checked the reptile room (adjacent to the living room where we were innocently asleep) I discovered that it had somehow escaped from the viv and was busy exploring it's new environment. It was somewhat reminiscent of our 'Snakes in a Galaxy' experience when we transported Trixie and Nix to Tish's new home in Rusholme. Not that snakes are particularly intelligent animals mind you, it had managed to pull the heat mat wires that ran through a plastic vent in the back of the viv, exposing a hole large enough to pass through, but it was accidental. I think that was enough in the way of eventfulness for one year now thanks.

Knitting is much less worrying. I have been doing this lovely multicoloured pair of socks for Dunk over the last week and finally finished this evening, his size 12 feet have been quite a challenge:


  1. Well I think the snake looks pretty tame next to those amazing socks! :-)

    Take care

  2. The details on an incident that took place which is more than a Scary Movie.


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