Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Work Whinge of the Week: Council Tax Bill Day

Fortunately 'Council Tax Bill Day' has become Council Tax Bill three days, since we have been allowed to spread out the delivery, but we are still talking a nice fat letter to every address that is in addition to the normal workload (that's six to eight extra boxes of letters). The first ones began arriving last Friday but most have come over the weekend so my trolley has been loaded to the max the last two days (when on a tuesday it is usually only half full.)
I guess I should be grateful for small mercies; since the move to Manchester I have avoided the dreaded 'National Trust Day'. This is the day, some time mid January when the National Trust sends out it's annual members handbook. In an area where in some villages every other person in a member this used to triple our workload on the day they arrived. I know I shouldn't complain since if there were no letters I would be out of a job ... but why do they have to all arrive on the same day!

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  1. I got my council tax letter last week! Yay! LOL! take care


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