Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U is for Usurp

It had been a long night but as she lay back, sweaty and exhausted, a sense of calm came over her. Someone was moving quietly around the room, but they seemed hazy and did not concern her. All she could feel was her own heart beat and the synchronised rhythm of their breathing. The door opened just an inch and in the light from the hall she could make out a small shadow. He came in cautiously and stood against the wall watching them, his eyes dark and suspicious. She smiled.
"Ben, come and say hello to your new sister."

(Linking back to the A to Z Challenge)
(Feeling like I will have read the entire dictionary by the end of the month.)
(Not liking the new Blogger interface, don't know where anything is)


  1. Awww Ben! Phew - it's a baby!! Yay!

    Booo to new blogger! Take care

  2. Cute! New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.



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