Thursday, 19 July 2012

What is wrong with the world: part 1

I haven't had a new camera in about 17 years. The last one had real film in it and the pictures from it are housed in a box of photo albums that come to an abrupt halt some time around 2000. Since I am about to go away on a real holiday for the first time since we went to Menton with Claire and Nat back in 2008 I decided to invest in one of these newfangled digital things. (Yes, I know I take pictures of stuff all the time but the camera belongs to Dunk and I am barely trusted after the time I dropped a previous camera and broke it.) 
So this is what is wrong with the world (and this may very well become a new theme in my blogging, having reflected a little the other day): the item itself is a mere 4 inches by about 2 and a half, and this is the packaging that accompanied it on it's journey to my house from wherever it was before. It is one of the things I watch out for more than anything else when I shop and the thing that irritates me most when I can't avoid it. While recycling is all very well, and at least it is all cardboard, it is better not to have used all those boxes in the first place, the camera is not so fragile that it needs three layers of protection. 

We are off the Hesfes first thing on Saturday, for a week of guaranteed sunshine, but I have a review of 26a to write before then ... and I have to master the intricacies of all the buttons on the camera as well. 

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  1. It's one of the problems with standard packing cases. The silliest one I had was a large box (about the size of the Amazon one you've got there) with a DVD in it. Go figure.


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