Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I don't see much of my extended family but they are a multitudinous bunch. Mum and dad, and Claire and Nat, went up to the wilds of Scotland at the weekend to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Frances to her young man David (she is the youngest cousin on mum's side of the family). Will have to rely on Claire to send me a picture of the happy couple. I had done a few home made cards for people recently, using white pen on black card, and came up with this to send with congratulations. I am not a brilliant freehand artist so I tend of pinch ideas off the interweb and adapt them. 
Back in January I knitted this hoodie for Thomas, and his dad Gareth (youngest cousin on dad's side of the family), then sent me this gorgeous picture of him wearing it:
Then just before we went off to Hesfes, Daniel (youngest of Uncle Doug and Auntie Eve's boys) announced the arrival of his daughter Sasha (WTH I didn't even know anyone was expecting):
so I rushed out and bought something a bit psychedelic and made her this cute cardigan (knitted to this pattern called the Maile Sweater, but am not sure I would recommend it as it was a bugger to knit). I hope they like it and maybe we'll get a photo of her wearing it at some point.

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