Saturday, 20 October 2012

Star Trekking

My amazing daughter has taken herself off to Star Trek London. And here she is on the Daily Mail Online site. The ticket was an 18th birthday present from her dad, a weekend of hanging out in a crazy costume and delighting in all things trekky. We will get around to doing a post about how she (and me and her sister Tish) created this fab Borg outfit. The face paint really completes the look, she had not tried it out before she left. Watching a video on the Telegraph site I was surprised how few people were in costume, and most of those are Star Fleet uniforms; I think she may be standing out from the crowd. I am guessing she is having a good time.


  1. Is that your girl at the beginning of the film on the BBC website?

  2. You made me go to the Daily Mail (spit!) website! Resistance was totally futile! LOL!!!

    Oh but your daughter is amazing - love the Borg outfit!! All I can muster up for any ST convention is my trusty Uhura outfit! LOL!

    Well done you all!!!

    Take care

  3. Yes, Dunk found the BBC report this morning as well. The picture has been used on newspaper site all over the world now
    thanks for visiting


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