Sunday 26 May 2013

How to make a (very) simple peg bag

After my foray back into sewing the other week (which I am pleased to find has already had lots of visitors) I have been attempting to keep up the momentum and during my week off this week have been trying to make something every day. I will do a photo post tomorrow of all the stuff but this morning I went out into a sunny garden to hang the washing and had to go hunting for some extra pegs. The fabric bag we had used for several years had rotted away and I had thrown it out, so we need a new one. A quick interweb search will bring up all kinds of suggestions: a 'sunny' peg bag, or a 'pretty' peg bag, or a 'floral' peg bag, or a 'fairy' peg bag?? Anyway, here is my contribution to worldwide knowledge on the fabrication of peg bags, for people with very little time on their hands; including searching for the fabric from my stash it took about 30 minutes.

Most people recommend a child's hanger but I found this one that was a skirt hanger with clips on it and just snapped them off; you could just use an ordinary cheap wire one.
Using the hanger as a guide for width I cut a double rectangle of fabric (you want it deep enough to hold all your pegs but not so deep you have to dig awkwardly down to the bottom to get the last few out.):
I sewed a basic double fold hem on both ends of the fabric and then laid it out like this with the entrance sitting below the hanger, pinned in place and then sewed the side seams:
Turned right side out this is how it looked after sewing. Next cut a small hole to put the hanger hook through. You can neaten the edge of the hole if you can be bothered, I couldn't (it just occurred to me you could add a small piece of iron-on interfacing to reinforce the hole a little):

Then I turned the top part inside out again and drew around the hanger with tailor's chalk, sewed along these lines, trimmed the excess material and clipped the curves so it would sit nicely, and turned it back right side out.
Add the hanger and put outside on the line in the sunshine. Add pegs. Voila!

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  1. Very nice. I used to hang laundry on the line and love the way it smells.


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