Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Tropical Garden in Chorlton

So there is this course on Coursera called Introduction to Art that I have been doing for the last few weeks. This week's project was to make a 'site specific installation', and I decided to inflict my creative juices on the Ridley Birks family. The primary aim was to create a surprise and brighten everyone's day, and make up for the miserable damp grey June we have had.
So here is how their front garden looked at 4.30am today:
and this is how it looked at 5.30am:
Adorned with 158 meticulously created tissue paper flowers, and some felted butterflies. 

The Babe enjoying the flowers

With grateful thanks for the assistance of Creature who went to Fred Aldous to buy the first batch of paper (since I was housebound on Thursday), Dunk who went out late yesterday to get a second batch, and to Tish who sat with me for several hours yesterday afternoon and evening and helped make flowers.

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  1. Thinking about it still makes me smile and probably always will. I now have a few of the flowers on my bike basket. :-)


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