Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Knitting for little people

Just an excuse really to prove I haven't been totally slacking on the knitting front. I ordered a small stash of stuff from Wool Warehouse and we have been doing more hexipuffs, another dozen or so, but also to knit things for some of my favourite little people. I got this book from the library, Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor:
I did two of the patterns, both were simple and well written, in fact the whole book is lovely with great unfussy designs for babies and toddlers, sizes going up to about 4 years. This Lacy Sweater was done in Drops Cotton Light for Sasha. The yarn was a bugger to work with and kept splitting but I was really pleased with how it came out. I liked the flower design but missed out the weird edging as it seemed very fiddly; it was meant to be knit separate and then stitches picked up along the edge to form the bottom edge of the front and back sections. I just made it a bit longer to compensate. I really liked the lacy sleeves, they were an unusual design feature.
This Daisy Dress was made for the Babe. This was done in Drops Safran which was a much nicer yarn, it is 4 ply and gave a lovely fine soft fabric. I was so pleased, she insisted on putting it straight on when I presented it to her (hope to update later with a photo of her wearing it).
Finally a tiny baby cardigan done with the two balls left over from Sasha's jumper (the colour looks all wrong here, must be the light). My niece Carly had a set of twins four years ago and she just announced she is expecting again, so we are all excited for her. Monday at work I sprained my ankle so, having been bought home in a van I was resting on the sofa with my foot up on cushions and Tish arrived with a baby pattern she had used last year. Since I couldn't go anywhere or do anything but sit, I knitted most of this Monday evening and finished it off Tuesday morning. I didn't have enough of the white to do the little collar it was supposed to have so I just did a border and it came out just fine. So hopefully a baby photo quite soon.
I finished my audiobook yesterday so will do a quickie about that. Am now spending my second day incapacitated so hope to finish my book, 'The Fruit of the Lemon', but have got the last week of the psychology lectures to do and we also have to do peer assessments of our assignment, that should be interesting. Have a great day wherever you are.

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