Thursday 10 October 2013

'tis Read-a-thon time

OK, How I Live Now was a bit of a mixed bag as a film, if you're precious about the story you may find it irritating. We were more annoyed by the personality changes than any messing with the story line. Oh well. 

This Saturday we are doing that crazy thing again that is the Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. Back in April Creature and I tried and failed to stay up all night but we still got a lot of reading done. I have decided to read Wuthering Heights, I feel slightly ashamed to have never read it, but we are also planning to read aloud some of The Hobbit that I started ages ago. This time we will be starting the 24 hours a little later because we are going down to Tish's open day at work; she started this term as a teacher of Animal Management at the Northenden Campus of Manchester College. Good luck and happy reading to all the participants.

It is the twins birthday today so there will be cake for tea.
This is the famous 'Hedgehog Cake' (which is the only thing I know how to say in sign language), that I have been making since the children were very small. He is made by baking the cake mixture in a pyrex mixing bowl and then covering the entire thing in butter cream icing and chopped up chocolate buttons.

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