Friday 13 June 2014

Adventure in miniature knitting - Fibre Arts Friday

We have finished knitting hexipuffs. 
No, really we have. I'm not addicted, I can give up any time I want.
I have been doing a second smaller beekeeper quilt alongside the main one, but have not been working on it seriously. They are done in 4ply so are significantly smaller:
 I am not sure how the idea came up ... but I decided to try making a really, really tiny hexipuff:
It was knit in a fine 4 ply with three large straightened paperclips; they are about 1mm in diameter:
 For scale, it is a bit bigger than a 50p:
I am in awe of people who knit tiny jumpers for dollhouse dolls. It was torturous and took about 2 hours. I will not be continuing with my plan to knit a tiny hexipuff blanket.
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  1. Knitting with Paper Clips?? Now THAT's creative!!

  2. Tiny knits? Eep! I still can't get down to a size 1 needle yet.


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