Sunday 1 February 2015

A Month of Letters

They say that the art of letter writing is dead. I can certainly attest to the fact that very few 'real' letters come through the system. Having said that I don't think that e-cards have replaced the traditional birthday greeting, a gif of dancing penguins is just not the same as something that clutters up the kitchen table for a fortnight. In the spirit of increased connectivity (the current buzzword it seems), and also supporting our most valuable postal system, I decided to join in with 'A Month of Letters' that someone posted on the Manchester NaNoWriMo facebook page. The idea is to send something though the post every day during February (excluding Sundays of course, since we no longer collect then ... though our 'Customer Service Point' is open for the collection of parcels, 12-4pm). It doesn't have to be a lengthy missive, it can be a note or just a postcard. The Month of Letters website allows for people to connect and exchange addresses and become temporary penpals, but I think even my limited social sphere will give me enough people to write to over the next month. I wonder if anyone will write back.

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