Sunday 22 May 2016

A Serious Haircut

Monkey caught the hair dyeing bug a long time ago, and we have experimented with various brands and techniques over the years. A while ago she began toying with the idea of a serious cut, but, like me, is not fond of going to the hairdresser ... so we thought ... how hard can it be?
Quite hard as it turned out. 
We watched this very helpful video on Youtube provided by Free Salon Education, and the nice man made it look so straightforward. 
It might not look like it but she is sitting here voluntarily:
The weird colour layers are the result of a recent lightening and dyeing:
I had a few panic moments but the outcome was so much better than I anticipated:
The weird colours ended up looking kind of funky:

Monkey had 24 hours of panic as what she had done ... and then we soldiered on with the next stage. 
Bleaching in progress:
I liked the blonde, and she lived with this for 24 hours too:
Finally happy. The end result is the colour she has always aspired to but, without bleaching, has never been able to get quite this vibrant:
and the old colours in her hair have given it a fabulous multi-tone effect with hints of turquoise and purple:

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