Sunday, 1 May 2016

Turkish Coat Part 2

I have had a busy month, what with the A to Z Challenge and the local elections coming up and helping Ben with his campaign, and then there was the Readathon that took up the entire of last weekend, but I have still managed to make quite considerable progress with my Turkish Coat project.

We paid another visit to Leons and bought five metres of cotton batting, that was allowing for pre-washing and the potential shrinkage.
Then the four metres of yellow linen arrived. This has come from a website simple titled 'Dress Fabrics' based in Ireland, which seems an appropriate place to buy linen. They sent me a small sample beforehand and the colour was exactly what I was looking for. (Just to give a mention to the lovely people at 'Ralston Fabrics' on Etsy, who also kindly sent a sample but the colour was too dark.)
Having dithered, as I mentioned last time, for a long time over the colour choice for this project I chose this yellow because of my beautiful cable jumper that I knitted back in 2012 but spoiled by shrinking very slightly.
I reread the instruction, which appear at first glance to be rather scanty, and finally grasped that the coat is not put together anything like I imagined. Each piece is to be layered and quilted together before being constructed.
All the batting pieces were cut out last week and today I have sewn some more of the patchwork fabric and cut out the sleeves. Here they are in all their layered glory:
I am planning to do a trial run of some quilting, so that is my aim over the next week.

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