Friday 1 January 2021



Today's offering from the Guardian's 31 days of literary nourishment is Maya Angelou reading her poem 'Still I Rise'. There are some poems that are so much more powerful when read aloud, and this is certainly one of them. I started the new year by buying some yarn for a baby blanket. And did you hear ... we left the EU, who knew?? Chatting to Claire this morning we agreed that although part of you wants it to be so crap just to prove how wrong the brexiteers were, we must mostly hope that the economic and social consequences will not be as bad as they appear. 
Monkey started tidying the front room so we could exercise, but got distracted by the after eight mints. We might make our gingerbread creation today, but only if we can find a moment in the hectic schedule. And we're not going to beat ourselves up about what we do or don't do. This year, if you manage nothing else, be kind to yourself. And read a little poetry (I will share more here too.)

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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