Thursday, 31 December 2020

Into 2021 (101st)


The doughnut dough is rising in the kitchen so we are all set for an evening of House of Games quizzing. 
My new year resolutions have been quite successful over the last few years. I have managed pretty well at not-beating-myself-up-about-things, and not beating myself up about how seriously I take my new year resolutions is an interesting side effect. On the other hand big stuff is going to happen next year. Lewis and Rachel will have their baby and then get married. Monkey will go (probably) to Russia in the summer and then to Fukuoka in October. As a result of these things some serious baby knitting is going to happen, and ... Tish and I are going to learn some Japanese. The phrasebook was a crimbo present, but we are planning to use Human Japanese, that Monkey used when she started teaching herself, and possibly Duolingo.
I hereby undertake to definitely read more than 25 books next year, and to write more thoughtfully about them. I found an interesting little challenge in the Guardian the other day, a 31 day 'literary diet' with things to read, listen to, or watch every day throughout January. I have enjoyed the 100 days to Offload challenge that I started back in April; it has pushed me to post more, and I have quite liked allowing myself to just write about random stuff happening at home and at work. I will try and keep up more regular posting. People keep saying that 2021 has got to be better, I don't want to contemplate them getting worse so will try and be grateful for a warm house and a steady job... and doughnuts.

Wishing all regular and random visitors a Happy New Year.
Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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