Thursday, 25 February 2021

Stabby Stabby


While Claire has been doing the stabby thing down in Brighton, we have been getting stabbed up here too. I got an invite from the doctor the other week, and sent a message to the surgery questioning if it was an error because I assumed I was in Group 8. A nice lady phoned and assured me that they had put me in Group 6 because of my cancer history. It feels ridiculous that people much more vulnerable than me are still waiting but I was not going to turn it down. I feel strangely different; both less anxious because of my reduced risk of contracting covid, but also it suddenly felt more real and more threatening. As Tish tells us the vaccine centres work like well oiled machines and I was in and out in no time, in fact, in plenty of time to go and catch the train. Monkey and I went down to Wilmslow to see a private doctor for her tests for her Fukuoka University application. So she got stabbed (though taking blood out not putting anything in), peed in a cup and then went down the road to the Wilmslow Hospital for a chest x-ray. And job done. Her application can go in, as soon as it arrives that is. Though she also has to write a proposal for an extended piece of independent research that she has to complete while she is there. No wonder she needs such a thorough check-up, they are going to make her work very hard.

Stay safe, Be kind. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I am glad you were able to get it. I think I would do the same if I could: make sure it wasn't a clear mistake, and then step up. There is talk here (Florida) of allowing my age group to get in line soon and I find I am eager for it.


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