Friday, 9 July 2021

Delights in the garden in July

Well, I thought I had a post about my tumbling composter, but it seems not, so I can't remember how long this batch of compost has been cooking, but at most 3 or 4 months. I emptied it out yesterday and mulched pretty much the entire garden... Monty would be proud of me. One avocado stone has a root coming out so that was put in a pot, but another dozen went back in the bin for another go around. 

So many things giving me joy right now, every time I go out something else is adding to the lushness.
The big pot of wildflowers is looking wonderful, wishing I could turn it into a meadow:
The sunflowers are gradually flowering, not what I anticipated but lovely all the same:
Second batch of spinach, a little nibbled by the slugs but I will try and look after these better:
The pink oxalis has come right back, it was definitely the right call to cut it back, no sign of the mildew:
This curious mystery flower is in another wildflower pot, left after I pulled out the campion:
The violas go from strength to strength. I keep dead-heading them and more just come, they have been my second favourite after the cornflowers:
This is a persicara that Tish chose last year. It has come on a storm and has loads of flower spikes, a splash of red in out mostly purple garden:
The sweet peas have been a major disappointment! Look how big they are ... not a single flower. I have no idea what I am doing wrong:
Cornflowers give me much joy:
These tiny things are bunny tails, hopefully they will get bigger but aren't they adorable:
And the buddleia finally flowered too:

Stay safe. Be kind. Smell the flowers.

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  1. A fine butterfly bush there - in next wee's sum it will attract many - but take a look at night too, for moths will flock to its scent.


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