Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Sunshine and rain


To remind me that the sun did shine for part of June. I meant to post more photos of the tree at the end of the road, I even took quite a few, and to my shame I have yet to establish what kind of tree it is.
And the up-side to all the rain is that both water buttts are full, though of course the garden does not need watering when the water buttts are full, one of life's conundrums.
Stay safe. Be kind. Walk in the rain.
Post script 7th July. Prompted by silly internet thingy Monkey and I splashed in all the puddles back and forth to the shop. It cheered us up, and gave us wet feet:

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  1. That road reminds me of when I lived in Chippenham. We had big trees across the way from our garden. Not so now


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