Friday, 3 December 2021

Good news and sad news

Our family descended on south London last week to celebrate the wedding of my nephew Matthew to Harshi. She is a Hindu and as such the ceremony is unlike anything I have ever attended; it lasted about three hours and entailed quite a lot of participation by all the attendees (I missed the beginning so didn't get to walk him in with all the other women family members). Much throwing of flower petals and rice and so on was followed with much eating and my dad coaxing several young women to join the dancing. It was a beautiful and joyful celebration. Wishing them much love and happiness together.

The week ended with the sad news of the death of my children's paternal grandmother Mary. It was not unexpected but her decline had been very rapid. I hope that the presence of Ady in her life gave her joy in her final months. She was a lovely woman, a kind and caring grandmother, and a good friend to me during my marriage. A sad loss for the family, we will all miss her.
Stay safe. Be kind. 

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