Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Three postmen chatting on Palatine Road

Prefer to stay in?
Yes, why not.
Other people can go out in the rain.
It's their job after all.
In fact, why leave the house at all.
We will call and collect
that crap that you bought
but now want to return.
Like magic we will just absorb the extra load
and whistle cheerfully
as we come down the path
(not forgetting to close the garden gate).
And if the service begins to slide
through the sheer exhaustion
of the workforce
it's ok
you can come in 
and accuse us of not working hard enough
and I will politely say
Yes, of course you can speak to a manager
and then you can tell her
how you saw
three postman chatting on Palatine Road,
which is just not good enough.


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