Thursday 5 May 2022

G is for Gargoyle

Much delight arrived this morning in the form of this gargoyle from BrighthelmStone on Etsy (I was looking for planters but got distracted). We haven't named him yet but he has a lovely spot among the purple flowers and out of sight of any thieving back-lane-loiterers.
Much more delight in the garden as the self-seeded campion has taken over last year's sweet pea pot and looks fabulous:
and I spotted a lurking ladybird, which is great because we had quite a lot of aphids last year so hopefully she will set up home and have lots of babies:

Stay safe. Be kind. Don't forget to vote (before they take your rights away).


  1. Such a cute gargoyle. Looks like you have a lovely garden! I always vote. It surprises me how many others don't exercise that right to do so!


  2. I love your gargoyle. And I love these garden updates and take great pleasure in all small details of it. (Are there large details?)


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