Sunday 8 May 2022

K is for Kimono

Here are Tish and Monkey with their friend Flossie wearing kimono about 23 years ago (ha, ha, just trying to make those girls feel old). I believe they belonged to Flossie who had previously lived in Japan. 
And over the weekend Monkey went with friends to one of the sensei's homes to try on some kimono:
Apparently kimono are always silk, if they are made with cotton they are called yukata.
And they visited another temple (lots of outings to lots of temples, she barely mentions going to classes). I loved this photo that shows how the temple has a pathway that leads directly to the sea. It reminded me off the Foss Way, a roman road that we used to live adjacent to that was had long stretches as straight as this:

Stay safe. Be kind. Contemplate the distant horizon.

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  1. The kimonos are beautiful! I have not ever seen one "in person", just pictures. I would be fascinated to see one up close and person and feel the silky material!



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