Monday, 29 August 2022

eating my greens

So this week's excitement included an epic battle between a tiny house spider and a vine weevil. Who knows how it managed to get in this web underneath the kitchen wall cupboards but it met its fate there. After two days of struggle the spider triumphed:
I spent the other week trying to eat something home grown every day, having kale in my scrambled eggs and salad sarnies for lunch, culminating in home made pesto:

It was pretty good but I think maybe I overdid the garlic. And it took me all summer to grow enough basil.
It finally rained:
but the sunflower finally bloomed:
and my wallflower cuttings, having sat, still alive but not rooting, for several months now, have new growth and are looking good for next year:
I have a pile of books to review, but am off to Claire's and a swim in the English Channel.
Stay safe. Be kind. Put a hot water bottle on that bad back.

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