Saturday 13 August 2022

winter veggies

The tomatoes have been a particular joy this year after the failure last, but I think things may have gotten a little out of hand. It seems like every last tomato seed that made its way into the worm bin over the last year decided to germinate and there have been tomato seedlings in every pot in the garden. It was getting ridiculous:
Meanwhile another of last year's no-shows, the rudbeckia, has enjoyed the hot weather:
And despite a minor slug attack the two kinds of winter chicory that I bought from Vital Seeds have replaced the lettuce and I have high hopes (watch this space):
Was doing some cutting back (and pulling out of tomato plants) and came across this little guy:
Meanwhile in Japan, the Shinkansen (Bullet Train):

Stay safe. Be kind. Take the Last Train to Clarksville.

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