Monday 21 August 2023

Butt-faced Miscreant


I have started a new rota and feel discombobulated by having days off.
Algorithms can sometimes be handy and Netflix sent me back to Gilmore Girls the other week. When you are in a funk what you need most is to sit and watch something that is so familiar you barely need to pay attention and definitely not bother to pause when you pop to the loo. So Rory calling Logan a butt-faced miscreant has been the best moment of today.
The cucamelon in the kitchen has died from neglect, and the lovely batch of basil plants that I put on my bedroom windowsill for the best sunshine became completely infested with whitefly and utterly inedible ... I never even got the chance to have a chicken and basil bagel. 

Stay safe. Be kind. Tidy up your dead plants.


  1. It's surprising how quickly plants can die as soon as you take your eyes off them!

  2. Watching something familiar when you're in a funk is a good idea but it means I have seen my favorite shows way too many times. Sometimes the mind needs a break and if that means being a couch potato, then sure.

    I actually would have plants like yours if I have plants. I never seem to be able to keep anything alive so I chose not to have any plants at all.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. LOVED that show. I wasn't a fan of Logan though, at least not in the beginning. Agree watching something you've already seen is very relaxing. Sorry about your plants. I do well with outdoor plants, but not indoor plants.


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