Tuesday 7 April 2009

yet more spinning

I am turning into a granny rather rapidly these days, though in my defense I did spend the other morning spinning along to The Undertones (on Spotify) so I was reliving my teenage years at the same time.
So we got some yellow and black to add to all the reds and blues and Tish and I did a bit more dyeing. I decided to risk doing some roving, which I had not tried before; there is always a possibility if you are not careful that you end up with a big lump of felt, what with all the soaking and rinsing involved. Anyway, I squeezed it **very** gently and what I ended up with was this:
And the yarn that resulted looks like this:
I am still using the spindle, despite being sorely tempted by a spinning wheel (which went for £90 in the end, and we have nowhere to put it and....), all I need now is to knit something with it, rather than add it to the stash.
Oh yes, here is how the Noro top turned out. I won't bore you with the whole saga, needless to say it was quite a trial and involved quite a bit of frogging and reknitting until I was happy.

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