Thursday 7 January 2010

Polar Bear

We shunned the traditional where snow construction is concerned and decided on a polar bear this year. It is a bit hard to see it well because of course it is camouflaged in the snow:-) but here is M lying underneath it just to prove that it is actually standing on four separate legs, and it has been pretty cold today as it is still standing. Tish wants to do an igloo in the front garden now.
I spent my entire working day today just sorting as we had both Wednesday's and Thursday's post and three people missing, hopefully a bit more will get delivered tomorrow.
And for the new year I thought I would try a new layout, but am not sure about it, not that keen on any of the ones on Blogger but have not the skill (or inclination) to do my own.


  1. That is fantastic - I love the bear.

  2. Building a polar bear is a great idea, and it should be standing for quite a while yet. Brrrrr...

  3. Looks a super masterpiece in snow. Some of my grandkids had never seen snow before this week, they are making up for lost time. We have about a foot too.
    Love Granny

  4. Excellent stuff!

    We're struggling to do anything other than globular snowmen, the snow (for once!)is too powdery.


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