Saturday, 9 January 2010

Work of Genius

If you visit over on Dunk's Blog you can see a film of us making our snow polar bear (have a little patience as it takes a minute to load). He worked on this for two days to get the music to match the few moments of film exactly. The first part is taken by the webcam, taking one photo every 20 seconds, and the piece at the end was taken on the digital camera, and then spliced together. Today the bear looks a little the worse for wear and is listing slightly to one side, though still just about upright.
Then yesterday the girls made this wonderful igloo, by the same hollowing out method.
They can just about lie inside it but not quite sit up. Many years ago we made one in the back field that could fit three children in, though it's roof was supported by branches as it was so wide.

I have been out delivering the last two days. We had three days worth of mail in the office and the bosses finally decided it was okay for us to go out by van. So apologies to anyone who has been without their post this week and please bear with us, your intrepid postie will will get round to you in the end. Confess I am dreading the thought of more snow tonight:-(


  1. So much snow and cold everywhere so far this winter! I live in the midwestern US, and it's bitterly cold here today. But it's also very cold in the south, like Florida and Texas, which is quite unusal for them. Good days for curling up with a good book -or making snow bears! Great idea :)

  2. Quite agree, I am definitely not going outside today.
    thanks for your visit


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