Monday 28 March 2011

Work Perk of the Week: revision

No I don't mean the exam kind.
Work has had a few whinges recently what with the census forms, then the council tax bills, both times pushing the trolley out at 117 kg (only 12kg over the weight limit) and now the polling cards, and my knuckles getting shredded over the past few days and feeling very sorry for myself. Today however I arrived back in the office after a nice brisk morning to find people rearranging the frames (the photo, borrowed from an old BBC report, shows a sorting frame, it basically has lots of slots in which you sort the letters into delivery order. ) There has been some discussion about the 'revision' which will involve changing duties round and reallocating job ... and it finally means that I will get to learn something new!! Hurray. I have been sat doing the same duty for five months now and feel like I will never get to know the area and will never be any use to the office. My compensations for doing a repetitive job were always the variety that I got being a 'floater' and being a team leader, so I always knew what was going on and was involved in decision making about how the office was organised. These have been sorely missed since the move so I hope this is the start of things getting more interesting.

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  1. Ooooh I was a very good citizen and posted my census very early - like two days after I received it. Ahem.

    I hope too that this "revision" heralds the start of new and brighter things to come in your workplace where you may finally shine! Take care


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