Friday, 20 May 2011


Sitting at home today feeling a bit sorry for myself after a minor op, but I have something nice to keep me company. I stopped over at the International Feltmakers Association the other day and bought some copies of their magazine, it used to be called 'Echoes' but is now somewhat unimaginatively titled 'Felt Matters'. For a mere £10 you can get a bundle of six back issues, considering it cost them over £3 to send this was quite a bargain. And they are just full of lovely inspiring photographs and stories about how people work. So in between sewing up one knitting project and working on Jacob's socks I have these to browse through.


  1. Hope you are ok!!! Enjoy your fab mag!!! Take care

  2. sorry you're under the weather Martine, glad you've got something inspiring to look at x


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