Tuesday 19 July 2011

jumperish holiday

The second half of my week off I ventured alone in the opposite direction to mum and dad's down in Devon. We had a very relaxing few days, mainly pondering the Guardian crossword together. Claire arrived Friday with Matt and Siobhan on their way to a cottage in Cornwall, and Bart and Vieanne came over for a family dinner. It was all very civilized ... until dad offered to let me take photos of the jumpers I knit for them, and then for some reason he got a little silly:
After he had finished with his senior moment they let me take a sensible one as well:I spent the time in devon working on the jumper that I started for Creature back at the beginning of July, and it is finished. I am so pleased with it, I added random stripes to enhance the already variegated yarn. It is just in time for HES FES starting on Saturday, a little something to keep her cosy on those damp and chilly evenings in the teen tent. I am missing out AGAIN because Andy had to change venue and moved the week ... maybe next year!
I also, at dad's suggestion, took a photo of this lovely family portrait that has been up in their living room forever. That's (left to right) me, Bart, Claire and Giles. Not sure about the boy's outfits but mine and Claire's dresses were definitely home made by my mum (and that sofa had really scratchy material).

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  1. Hooorah for unique and gorgeous woolly jumpers!!! And even whackier dads!! LOL!

    The b/w pic is too cute for words - so off I go! Take care x


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