Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lizard Holiday

I managed to pack a lot of holidaying into my week off, which turned out to be a good thing as I was phoned at 7.30am yesterday asking where I was because, even though I thought it was still holiday, work did not agree.

Creature and I went up to visit the Geordie contingent and meet some of the new additions to the family. The reptile room now looks like this (you can't even see the bit that goes round the corner and has the specially built unit to house the eagerly anticipated baby snakelings):
(when we visited in July 2009 their collection looked like this, though they have moved from the flat to a terrace since then, mainly to accommodate the expanding collection.)

This is Lewis with the Sailfin, whose name I cannot remember. After the sad demise of Ozzy the water dragon he is the pride and joy, though he has a tendency to want to be the highest thing in the room and his claws are no respecter of human skin. He shares his enclosure with Alan the gay tortoise, who intimidates him and hogs all the nice food.
Here I am with one of the many many snakes (Lewis has given up naming them and has to number the vivariums to ensure everyone gets fed). I didn't get a photo of this one measuring herself up against Creature (they do that to see if you are the right size to eat:-)
This is Midge, the Bosc Monitor, several feet bigger than the first time we met him and now capable of taking your finger off if he felt like it.
Flik is the tegu, last seen on this blog being taken for a walk at the reptile shop. Now very big and fond of snoozing under the sofa.
Since the boys were working rather a lot we hung out with Rachel and ended up at this rather brilliant shoe shop in the Grainger Market and bought Creature some fabulous, and very shiny Doc Marten boots.
I hadn't seen Jacob in about a year so it was wonderful just to see him again and meet his young lady, who's name is Jenny. She seems lovely, and it's nice to have two such excellent Geordie girls to take on my sons and keep them out of trouble.

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  1. Dragon and snakes and monitors, oh my!

    I think the gay tortoise is my favourite!

    Take care


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