Thursday 14 June 2012

Twice the madness

The Hexipuffs are multiplying. Laying them out on the carpet gives a small idea of how the completed quilt will look. Based on the size of this I think that our target of 400 will probably be enough to cover a double bed. These are being done in aran weight yarn and are about 4 inches across each.
 However, as with any good addiction, one is never enough. So these baby ones are made, as per the instructions, with sock weight (4 ply) yarn and are about 3 inches across. They are ever cuter and squishier than the big ones. These ones are being done in the background of the main project to make a tiny quilt for an imaginary baby, just because they are irresistible not because I really want to put ideas in the head of any of my offspring (or their loved ones ... that means you Rachel!)


  1. Hexipuff!!! How adorable is that word!?!? Take care

  2. haha nope no ideas in my head M, all finished uni now so i've got plenty of time to try knitting again though! rach x

  3. So colorful and soft looking! Be careful that they don't take over the house though! They seem to be multiplying at an alarming speed!


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