Saturday, 23 June 2012

Work Whinge of the Week: injuries

I am trying to ignore the rain and focus on the positive, so decided to have a moan instead about the state of my hands. The injuries that this job gives me are usually very tiny (ignoring the dog bites and the sprained ankles) but all the worse for that. Letter box injuries are commonplace, torn knuckles and ripped fingernails caused by trying to force post through letterboxes that the general public seem to have found it necessary to block by a variety of means. I keep plasters in my pocket at all times to prevent spreading blood over people's letters. But paper cuts are the worst, and occur on pretty much a daily basis. This morning I was the victim (yet again) of the vicious and razor sharp Virgin Media 'door-to-door' advertising. 
On the plus side I did stay relatively dry today.

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