Thursday 13 March 2014

Launching on Etsy

Having made about £150 on Ebay selling mostly Sylvanians and Playmobil I have taken the long anticipated step of opening a shop on Etsy. To avoid confusion and to keep the 'brand' image (cos we're so professional here) I have called it 'Silencing the Bell'. It is going to be a steep learning curve since Etsy is now quite a massive organisation and, while I would personally regret their decision to allow 'manufactured' goods to be sold through their shops, I hope that it will become a good outlet for my crafty activities. I don't anticipate quitting the day job any time soon but I hope in the short term that it will at least contribute to the Monkey Fund. Now I think I have spent enough time crouched over the computer today and need to go put the kettle on. Do please pop over and at least give me some visitor stats to encourage me.

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