Friday 14 March 2014

Monkey Jumper for Fibre Arts Friday

The Monkey jumper is finally finished, and looks fabulous. The pattern is called Elfe (link there for Ravelry peeps.) She wants a pair of orange and green socks to match (to wear on the opposite feet of course). I am not usually home on Fridays, and have not had much to share, so have not linked to Fibre Arts Friday for a long long time. Pop over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out what other crafty people have been making.
 My week off has also entailed a visit to Gateshead to check up on the boys. Getting all four of them in one place is a rare occurrence and demands a permanent record.
A year ago I invested in a Rowan subscription; you only get two magazines, I loved everything in this one and nothing at all in the second one they sent. 
I finally settled on which pattern to knit. 
So I started knitting my Bute Sweater, and love the way it is coming out but really don't like the silver/grey edging, it just doesn't go with the other colours so will have to unravel and go hunting for something more suitable.


  1. Your Elfe is so cool, yes some elfie socks will be a perfect match ;-)

  2. Love your Elfe - so cute and colorful - I want to make one of these!

  3. oooooh, I love the Elfe! The matching socks will be fabulous. The beginnings of your sweater look great Too. I love the colors.


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