Friday 13 April 2018

Homey stuff part 2 or how you should never throw anything away

We have been preserving our modesty in the upstairs bathroom with a copy of the Declaration of Human Rights propped in the window. I bought this roman blind for the bathroom of a house I lived in 20 years ago; it has been sat rolled up in the cupboard under the stairs ever since. Yesterday I added a little fringe of old silk skirt so that it was long enough to reach the window sill. I think I might add a few more patches if silk just for decoration.
The other plan, that we concocted a few days ago, was 'sofa pockets'. I guess they already exist in the form of holders for remote controls or magazines, but these ones are specifically designed for crafty stuff. The fabric was a small strip left over from some cushions that I made back in 2011. It has a big pocket for scissors and crochet hooks and stuff, and then a tiny little pocket for sewing needles.
It is held in place with little velcroed straps around the metal frame. I made a second one for the other arm that I can keep my glasses in too.
In other crafty news Monkey has been crocheting like crazy; she made a lovely blanket for Peri:
and Happy as a gift for a friend:
 We took a trip to Black Sheep Wool over the bank holiday, but I didn't buy anything, and came home and began to recycle my Rainbow Cardigan (again from 2011) into a jumper. I have named it 'jumper of a million ends' as I am just knitting the stripes as they unravel from the cardi and leaving all the ends dangling. 

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