Saturday 28 April 2018

Spring Readathon - Saturday updates

The review of Harvest by Jim Crace will have to wait for another day as it is just after ten and we are settling down for the biannual Dewey's Readathon. We are a bit ahead of our official start time, but I am usually at work on readathon day so we are just making the most of the occasion. We have our snacks and  the tea is ready so ...

Monkey is starting with 'A Riot of Goldfish' by Kanoko Okamoto, which we came across when researching novels by Japanese women.
I am starting with 'What We Lose' by Zinzi Clemmons that I read about recently. 
We have our usual eclectic mix of potential reads, something for any mood or state of mind. Good luck to all the participants today, we hope you have a fantastic reading experience. Do pop over to the readathon website and have a go at some of the crazy challenges.

13.24pm: Monkey finished Riot of Goldfish by the official start time, 109 pages, and is now reading 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' by George R R Martin.
I have read to page 194 of What We Lose, nearly finished. Am thinking of 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson next, which has been on the TBR pile for thirty years or so.

19.00pm: I read a few chapters of Silent Spring but it was rather depressing, so I moved on to 'Our Spoons Came From Woolworths' by Barbara Comyns, now finished at 196 pages. Monkey is up to page 239 of Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. We are currently waiting for the pizza, and I am about to start 'Only Forward' by Michael Marshall Smith.

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