Sunday 29 April 2018

In the early hours

1am: We reach the halfway point and, having had brief naps to keep ourselves going, we are making good progress. The Readathon website has set itself a target of 1,000,000 pages between the participants so we will keep our own count here and add only reading for the official hours (1pm Saturday to 1pm Sunday) to their count.

Monkey finished Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and is now reading 'Foundation and Empire' Isaac Asimov. Her running total is 550 pages.
Tish joined us part way through the evening and is reading 'Sleeping Beauties' by Stephen and Owen King, and has read 108 pages.
I am still reading Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith and am at page 150, giving me a running total of 607 pages.

10.10am: Good morning readathoners. We had a busy night, with cake and more books. 
Tish finished Sleeping Beauties and then went off to sleep for a bit (not sure of her page count as she was already most of the way through the very hefty tome). 
Monkey gave up on Foundation and Empire because she was feeling a bit droopy and though a change of pace might help. She is now reading 'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk and is at page 135, working backwards from page 298 (yes the pages and chapters are numbered in reverse). 
Having had a couple of hours sleep I have finally finished Only Forward (page count 310), which was utterly surreal, but had something of 'The End of Mr Y' by Scarlett Thomas about it. I am thinking I will go back to Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb that I have been listening to on audiobook for several weeks, and do some crochet. More tea may be in order.

I spent the last couple of hours on my own as Monkey went off the volleyball club. Instead of Black Swan I decided on some poetry and read 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 32 pages, aloud, just to myself, and reread 'Inside The Wave' by Helen Dunmore that has been by bedtime book for a few weeks now after it was highly recommended by Dove Grey Reader. Then I went back to the graphic novel 'Persepolis' by Marjane Satrapi that I started last readathon, and will have to finish outside official readathon statistics.
My final total is 932 pages, of which 738 pages were read in the 24 hours.
And what I mainly have now is a massive backlog of books to review!
Monkey's total is 774, of which 665 were read in the 24 hours.
Tish's total is 224 pages.


  1. Interesting idea. I'm not much of a reader and find it often puts me to sleep. Even now as I do some blog walking to read, am sipping coffee, and knitting as I read. Then put the needles down to type. Multi-tasking. I'm interesting in your quest because I want to tell my daughter about it. What prompted you to do this readathon? You popped up in blog feed this am, what jumped out at me was the picture which before I clicked to enlarge made me think you were working on the gorgeous afghan you're covered in. So, that brings me to my next question, did you knit it? And when you organize one of your readingthons, do you make a book list? Inquiring minds.

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for your visit. The readathon was started by a book blogger called Dewey eleven years ago and was taken up by friends after she died, there are two a year, in April and October. Having started small there are now thousands of people participating from all over the world.
    the blanket is called the beekeeper quilt, and yes each of the little hexagons are knitted individually, over 400 of them and it took us over two years to complete.

  3. I am hardly reading anything anymore. Picked up a William Boyd collection of short stories as I thought I could manage that. And I am. I find myself so busy. And although I don't feel stressed, I am not sure I would choose to be like this.


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