Thursday 30 April 2020

100 Days - day 5 Lockdown sharing

Out on delivery today I encountered a 'share with your neighbours in lockdown' box on the windowsill of some flats in Withington. It is heart-warming to see people tentatively reaching out to others around them, and giving away books is always a winner as far as I'm concerned. So now we can spend the evening playing Exploding Kittens, having finished another puzzle yesterday:

I so enjoyed this poem by Imtiaz Dharker with my lunch today that I popped over to Bloodaxe and bought her book. "If there were to be a World Laureate, then for me the role could only be filled by Imtiaz Dharker" says Carol Ann Duffy, high praise indeed. I have resisted buying pretty much anything for weeks because I feel so angry at people buying crap and overloading the postal system, but Claire and I agreed that yarn and books were not crap and that ordering them was permissible given the circumstances (i.e. the need to read and knit things while you sit around at home). Having also been somewhat sarcastic about the fair-weather park walkers (it has been overcast the last few days and the park was pretty empty) I admit that a heavy downpour caused Dunk and I to wimp out today; I hope the cootling parents are managing without my supervision, they did seem to be keeping a close eye on it but I feel the need to check up on them.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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