Friday, 1 May 2020

100 Days - Osprey anxiety on day 6

I am mostly finding the Osprey Cam very relaxing. If I could be in a cosy nest I could happily sit and look at that view all day. I even put it on the computer in the front office at work today so I could go and watch between customers. But intermittently it gets slightly stressful. At one point yesterday Aila left the eggs completely unprotected for nearly a minute when she just took off, swooped round and then happily returned. Today I was watching the two of them struggle with an over-sized awkward twig and nearly stand on the eggs as they tried to decide where it might fit in the nest. Then someone in the comments shared a video from last year when Aila had a confrontation with a tawny owl that came to investigate in the night. 

I had other things going through my head to write about today, but by the time we shopped and ate dinner they were all gone. I have to go and wash up now. I don't mind; the washing up rota that I established a few weeks ago is working well, nobody is making fuss, so doing one day in four hardly feels like a chore. The colleague who annoyed me so much the other day chose today to confide in me about a relationship dilemma, we chatted for ages, and it felt good that he thinks of me as a friend when mostly I have quite superficial relationships with people at work. 

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.


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