Wednesday 29 April 2020

100 Days - fourth day

It's an old photo but this is pretty much how things are. People are shopping like its Christmas and Royal Mail's response to the situation is to suspend letter deliveries on Saturdays. Quite how this is going to help they have not explained (in fact all their decisions have been taken without bothering to even inform us in advance). They have acted for weeks like the service has been unaffected by the pandemic, when in truth most people are probably getting post every other day, sometimes only one in three. And our office is currently coping well. No, that's a lie. We are not coping. Stop buying shit!
But that was not today's offload. This is:
You know those people who love to tell you how to do your job like you're stupid or something. I have one of those. I mean I like him really, but mostly he does like to think he's 'in charge', when he is just a colleague, and consults with the manager on behalf of everyone. This week I am one earlies. That makes me responsible for the cage jobs. I had it all in hand, then went out to do a tiny bit of delivery. Said colleague comes past me on the street with his delivery and proceeds to tell me something I had already dealt with and how he had sorted it out and told the manager about it. And I think I will give myself a round of applause for not telling him to fuck off with his interference. 
You know I think I could enjoy this offloading.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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