Friday 19 August 2011

to cage or not to cage, this is the question

In the corner of the office we have an area that is referred to as 'The Cage', it is locked and has partly wire mesh walls, where the Special Delivery items are sorted and other important stuff stored. Today the manager asked me if I was interested in taking on an indoor job, working in the cage. As part of the revision there is a reallocation of all jobs within the office, based on seniority (how long each person has worked for Royal Mail, I have eight years eight months), and whether you are full time or part time. He knows how to get to me because he says the job needs someone well organised and professional, and I am a sucker for a bit of flattery. I would still be doing the same hours and days, though sometimes coming in earlier to open the office! So I am weighing up the pros and cons of a distinct change of role.

being inside in the warm
not so physically tiring
interesting variety
getting to know how the office runs
more responsibility
having to learn new stuff
can always do some delivery on overtime if I miss it

being inside
missing the physical activity
not really being a 'postie' any more
feeling a bit like it is a softie job
having to do packet delivery one day a week

I am trying not to make a gut decision based on the fact that I have had a crappy hard work week and cursed the whole process of going out and putting letters through people's doors. I had not really considered the job that seriously before because I did not know what it involved, but now I am in a quandary.


  1. Oooh difficult!! I think the fact that you didn't jump at the chance shows there are doubts! But is there a way you can try "The Cage" for a bit first? Good luck with your decision!

    Take care

  2. p.s. also is the money the same? and will you keep the same job conditions (eg. overtime etc) as previous?

    Take care


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