Thursday, 5 November 2020

100 Days : day 69 - autumn garden

Autumn has been very wet and everything is waterlogged in the garden and the pond has been overflowing, but things are still surprisingly green. I went outside for the first time in weeks to feed the Julians and see what was going on. The treelings are finally changing colour, the oaklings just go boring brown but this one is pretty:

The borage has loved the cold and wet and has flourished:

The sweet peas, that I planted far too late, have also loved the rain and have turned wild and bushy, but it's far too cold for any flowers unfortunately:

Some little seed in a pot of wild flowers decided October was a good time to make an appearance:

There was one tiny wild strawberry, that Monkey has eaten so I cannot take a less blurry photo:

I planted a dozen acorns that I gathered the other week, some seeds that I stole from a tree in someone's garden on Parsonage Road and some strange fruit things that were in a bunch of flowers I bought Tish for her birthday. We will await the spring and see what comes up:

The lovely purple fern, which was one of the last things we got at the Hulme Garden Centre, has also come along beautifully:

Looking forward to the spring. Big plans for next year.

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